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Bitcoin Basics: Nodes on the Network

by McIntosh, Host of Satoshi's Plebs Podcast Bitcoin Nodes: The Backbone of the Network What is a Bitcoin Node? Network Component: Bitcoin nodes are the essential infrastructure that secures and maintains the Bitcoin network. They ensure the network's integrity by...

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Episode 150 – Why Privacy Matters

This week we begin a discussion of privacy principles and how they are implemented in Bitcoin. As government overreach becomes more common and the ability to gather vast amounts of data about everyone becomes easier and more cost effective the right to financial...

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Episode 149 – Year in Review and 2024 Predictions

Episode 149 of Satoshi's Plebs is now out! This week, we wrap up the year with a look at what happened in 2023 as well as a look forward to what we can expect in 2024 in both Bitcoin and the finance/economy in general.Grab your favorite Podcasting 2.0 player and give...

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Introducing Satoshi’s Plebs Podcast

Recently, I realized that I wasn't the first person to use "Generation Bitcoin" for their online activities. The Generation Bitcoin group ( started shortly before I began the Generation Bitcoin Podcast in February last year. They are...

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Goodbye Paypal!

I have had a donation button up for Paypal since I began the Generational Wealth w/Crypto Podcast website. On the last episode of GWwC I noted a news item about Paypal updating their user agreement. This goes into effect on November the 3rd and I will make sure my...

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So Good it’s now Twice a Week!

We have begun posting the podcast twice a week. The release dates are suppose to be on Monday and Thursday Mornings although let's be honest it doesn't always happen! It will get more regular from here. Promise..

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