Recently, I realized that I wasn’t the first person to use “Generation Bitcoin” for their online activities. The Generation Bitcoin group ( started shortly before I began the Generation Bitcoin Podcast in February last year. They are doing a great job reaching out to high school and college students about Bitcoin. When I learned about them late this year, I contacted the group and let them know that I would be changing the name of my podcast so there would not be conflicts.

I have been putting a lot of thought into this name change. I wanted it to represent, in large part, what the podcast was about. In case you don’t know, there are probably over a thousand bitcoin and “crypto” podcasts. So it’s been tough. Even so, I think I have it… 

After almost two and half years, it has become clear (to me, at least!) that my podcast has three main components:

 * empowering the ordinary person to invest in Bitcoin

 * covering Bitcoin-related news 

 * the macro environment

All three parts are essential. I also think the first category is the most vital. With all the talk of Bitcoin going to “the moon”, Wall Street, ETFs, day trading, and more, I want to keep the focus on how Bitcoin is for everyone, how it levels the playing field, and how we do not need their systems or their fiat. Bitcoin allows us to execute “Secessio Plebis” – the succession of the plebs (commoners). I know that some of the listeners don’t particularly care for macro analysis/news, but I think it’s vital to keep updated on economic factors that can ultimately affect your life (and the price of Bitcoin). And much of what is available, even on Bitcoin-based podcasts, doesn’t come from a proper Austrian economics lens.

So we change the name. It becomes Satoshi’s Plebs. We will stay focused on the one crucial asset (Bitcoin) and continue to emphasize how Bitcoin allows the plebs to finally succeed. The first episode of Satoshi’s Plebs will be released on New Year’s Day.