Episode 166

With the recent halving at block 840,000 we begin the fifth epoch. What does that mean? What are your goals for the next four years?

Bitcoin Weekly Close – April 21th 2024

BTC – $64,945

Bitcoin Block at Time of Recording



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Hey, Pleb Nation. Today is April 22nd, and this is episode 166 of satoshi’s plebs. I’m your host, McIntosh, and today’s episode is welcome to the fifth epoch. Alright. As normal, we’ll begin with our market update. We will kinda talk about where things are, and then we’ll jump right on in to what I meant by the 5th epoch. Our weekly close, which happened just a couple no. An hour and a half ago, April 21, 2024, 64,944. We are at block height, 840,282 as I began recording, which does, of course, mean that we are post havening. That happened Friday night, and we’ll be talking about that a little bit.

So, of course, as part of our main selection. But, where are we going from here, in terms well, let’s just go through the rest of the kind of the raw statistics. Right now, as I record, according to mempool.space, which is probably a site that you should have bookmarked if you do not already. We are looking at low priority, 77 sats pervbyte. So that’s $7 roughly, to send something. And then 86 for medium, 93 for high. That is down significantly from the 24 hours ish or so post havening. We’ll talk about that as well in just a minute. Our previous difficulty or our difficulty adjustment right now, which is going to be happening in 2 days is a 1.04% estimated adjustment, so not too bad.

But of course, we’ve had some more servers come online in preparation for the halving. And then we have 1.13 gigabytes actually being used. So our memory usage in mempool.space is up. Alright. That’s kind of the raw stats there. What else do we have? Oh, until the next halving, 209,718 blocks to go, which is estimated on April 17, 2028. So we’ve got a few years, roughly 4 to be exact. That’s not exact, but you get the idea. Alright. So there we go. Let’s, well, I let me say this about kind of the price. Of course, we made it post halving. I was discussing with a a family member kind of the expected Bitcoin price here for the next few months. Now Bitcoin’s gonna do what Bitcoin’s gonna do.

But I feel like we’ve established kind of $60,000 as kind of a new floor. We’ve been above that since March 5th. March yeah. March 5th. We got down let me just to be perfectly clear, just a few days ago, really, we touched, like, 59 something. And then also on April 20 April 17th . Again, that same area, but we did not stay down there, if that makes sense. So even though we wicked down there is what they would say. It did not stay. And so that’s I don’t really consider that to be below 60,000. I know that’s maybe contradictory. But in technical terms, when we’re looking at a daily candle, it’s closing well above that. That it it’s literally a on the chart, it looks like a wick. It looks looks like an upside down candle wick.

Those are not confirmations that, you you know, we’re going down. Anyways, like I said, I feel like we’ve kind of established a $60,000 level. We’ve gone up to $70,000 as well multiple times. Looks like three different times since we hit that March 13 or so where we hit the all time high. So we we’re building a box is what it what it amounts to. A $10,000 range, which isn’t too bad considering the price that we’re at. So I don’t think that’s going to change immediately. Now, of course, long term, we know that we will continue to go upward in price.

The past two halvings certainly have shown us that. So going back 8 years in time, that that has been the expected pattern. Now it does not necessarily immediately happen post halving. It may I actually told my family member. I said it would not surprise me at all if kind of bitcoin balance between $670,000 kind of most of the summer and then broke out as we head into fall. Now that may be July, August, which is still summer, but a few months in this 60 or $70,000 range. Now I hope I’m wrong. I’m hope we go higher sooner, and I certainly don’t hope that I’m wrong in the sense that we go lower than $60,000.

As a miner, the higher prices would certainly help me. As a miner, going lower than that is going to put a lot of miners in serious distress, I believe, in terms of capital expenditures. Because, of course, now we’re mining half the amount of Bitcoin that we did previously, at least for the block reward. So we went from 6.25 to 3.125. And that officially happened on Friday night, Saturday morning UTC time. Alright. So that’s kind of the market overview. So let’s go ahead and jump on in. What is this welcome to the 5th epoch? Well, last week, of course, we talked about the halving. I want to wrap things up with this idea, this this view, this view of of where we’re going to go.

The longer I’m in Bitcoin, the more long term I think. What do I mean by that? I know that ultimately, if continues to be acceptable as a store of value, as a medium of exchange, if it continues to be chosen by nation states to be used as legal tender like in El Salvador or as a source of income as what they’re doing in Bhutan, as apparently is going on in the Middle East as well. These type situations, the price and the economic policy, so to speak, of Bitcoin continues to play out, which we’ve got a 21,000,000 cap of Bitcoin, and the issuance of that essentially is getting halved every 4 years. As long as all of that continues, and there’s no reason to believe that it won’t, I believe that the price of Bitcoin ultimately will go up.

But I also think in longer and longer terms. What do I mean? As we enter this new epoch, what do I mean by that? There’s a base definition that an epoch of time is this 210,000 block period. What I mean by that is when the Genesis block was mined in January of 2009, that began the first epoch. The reward back then was 50 bitcoin. When they hit 210,000 blocks and the first halving occurred, that began the second epoch. Well, we are now entering the 5th epoch. We just completed the 4th epoch when we crossed 840,000 blocks.

So we are now entering the next 4 year essentially time frame. Now, of course, it’s not exactly 4 years. As I read to you earlier, it’s estimated to be on April 17th 20 28th. Well, things change. That may slip, but it will be 210,000 blocks being mined between now and then. So let’s talk about that epoch. What’s going to happen? We know the price of Bitcoin is going to go up. I believe that this bull run that we are just now entering will continue until I get better evidence. Otherwise, probably until the Q4, late Q3 of 2025.

So we are over a year off of that. Historically, 15 to 18 months of time after the halving before the next all time high is reached. So we’re looking at that. What does that mean? That means that the price of bitcoin during this time frame will continue to go up. And what do I say when I do my market talk? But what do I talk about almost on a weekly basis? DCA, dollar cost average. Do not worry about what the price of Bitcoin is. If Bitcoin goes down to $50,000 from here, which it could, because Bitcoin’s going to do what Bitcoin’s going to do, what are you going to do? You’re going to continue to buy sats. Those sats that you buy when we’re at $50,000 are just cheaper than they are when we’re at 64, basically $65,000.

But don’t try and time the market. Spend time in the market. We’ve got 4 years between now and the next epoch starting in probably 2028 when the reward goes from 3.125 down to whatever that would be, 1 point 5 something, I think. McIntosh is bad at doing math on the fly like that, but you get the idea. That will be the start of the next epoch. Don’t worry about that. You just say, well, from here on out, if I’m investing in Bitcoin, if I believe in Bitcoin in the long term, why am I not buying Bitcoin? Because I know that it’s going to be cheaper now than it is in the long run. I know that there’s going to be more more of it available now than in the long run. Do not wait until Bitcoin’s at a $100,000 to go, oh, I need to buy some Bitcoin.

Not saying you should not buy at a $100,000. I’m saying don’t wait until we get to that. Because Bitcoin at basically any price, in my opinion, is a good deal. Now will Bitcoin fluctuate? Yes. But if you look at the overall market that Bitcoin can have, the value that Bitcoin can hold in US dollar terms is actually quite staggering. So numbers that may seem crazy, to most people, I can view as, well, that’s what the value of Bitcoin is, or it will be the when Bitcoin reaches that dollar value, it will do it because it’s providing that value. Not saying right now you should pay $1,000,000 for a Bitcoin or $10,000,000, But I’m saying at some point in the future, if enough of the world’s economy has moved on to it, then yes. Those things are certainly extremely possible and practically certain.

You should make it a goal during this epoch to DCA. Do that through a Strike app. Do that through mining. Do that through I I don’t know, buying at your local, Bitcoin meetup. Right? So next week, actually, we have our local Bitcoin meetup here in the area, and I’m planning on attending. And, of course, I would have the opportunity to potentially buy some Bitcoin from someone k y c free person to person. I don’t need to. I do my DCA through mining, but it is possible. The only bad thing about that is it’s not really DCA because well, maybe it’s a bad form of DCA because at least in our case, and I think this is basically every Bitcoin users group, it’s once a month. I would not wanna be buying my Bitcoin once a month.

But there are other ways of doing that as well. That is up to you as to how you do that. But I would strongly encourage you for the next 4 years. You will not regret this of either continuing or implementing a DCA strategy. Do not try and trade your way to wealth, not in Bitcoin, not unless you’re, like, a professional trader. What else do we have coming up? Well, what do we know about this next epoch? We know that for the next 210,000 blocks, that we will be getting 3.125 coin per block in block reward plus the transactions. And let’s talk about those transactions after the after the Bitcoin, halvening took place well, even essentially immediately after the halvening, the transaction pool, the mempool, the transactions shot up.

And why was this? Well, because there was the release of a new protocol on top of Bitcoin. This is like an ordinal. It’s like, inscription. I I don’t know enough details. I had heard about it, of course, prior to this. But I don’t I don’t know all the ins and outs of it. I believe it’s essentially in a way to maybe do a new token. Right. So they’re generating tokens on top of Bitcoin. So this is the stuff that I don’t ever talk about because, frankly, I don’t believe in it. I don’t think it’s useful. I don’t believe in censoring Bitcoin in the sense that I don’t think we should be filtering it or that kinda thing. I just think this kind of stuff is silly. And there was a lot going on post halving because of the release of this new protocol, and it was very, very, very heavily hyped. If you were on Twitter following Bitcoin people, there’s just no way you’ve not heard about this. So this is they released all this stuff, beginning with that 840,000 block, and it was complete chaos. I know at one point, I looked at mempool.space.

The fees were, like 1600 sats per vbyte, which is just insanity. It’s literally over 16 times what it is right now. A lot of people lost money during this because of the way that Bitcoin works even though Bitcoin very Bitcoin hasn’t changed. It’s always worked the way that it has. I did see on Twitter where people were essentially trying to bid on these rooms, And I’m not gonna get all this right. But, I mean, one guy said, I’m just accepting somebody’s word on Twitter. So so take that for what it’s worth. But he said he lost $5,000 in transaction fees. And I believe it given the state of the transaction fees, during that 24 hour period. As a miner, I will say this.

My mining fees were the highest that they’d ever been for that 24 hour period. And in fact, they were roughly not quite, but they were roughly 100% of normal. So I made some money. I made some Bitcoin, some hard money off of that. I say that, and then I say, I don’t think this stuff is good for Bitcoin. And I’m hoping during this new epoch that we have just entered that these things get washed out. I think a lot of people accepted a lot of hype and got a lot of promises and a lot of stuff told to them, and I think a lot of people are finding out that they can lose money on this stuff, and these things will drop in value over time.

So if they’re doing this as an investment, it’s a really bad idea. Now I’ve listened to a few of these spaces and things. These people, podcast, I actually listen to the creator of ordinals protocol. Casey is his name. He has a podcast that I listen to occasionally. I I can’t really stomach a whole lot of it, but I listen to it to try and understand them. And I it’s almost like it’s a lark for them. They’re doing it because of the challenge, because of they think it’s neat. That’s just my opinion as to what I’m hearing. Now that may not be what they would say, but I will say that to me, Bitcoin is much more serious and I’ve expressed this before.

But people outside of the United States and Western Europe and parts of Asia, they need Bitcoin and it’s not for ordinals. It’s not for rooms. It’s not for NFTs. It’s as a store of value and a way to transfer money between individuals. And we don’t need this kind of stuff clogging up the network. Is the network going to become busy over time? Absolutely. It is a function of the amount of traffic that goes over the network. So, of course, it’s going to become busy. Do we need to kind of be doing these stupid games to cause that to happen probably years earlier than it really needs to. I don’t think so.

I don’t think that’s good in the long run for Bitcoin, but that’s my opinion. So, anyways, first thing out of this new epoch, of course, we’ve got this big rooms thing. We’ve got mining fees out the wazoo. I mean, it was just crazy. Like, midway through the day, I checked brains, my mining pool. I checked the dashboard, and I was already well over what what I would normally make for a day. And I I was like, I was in disbelief, but that’s what the transactions do for the miners. Now that has obviously fallen off. I told you we were at 1600, Friday night, early Saturday morning, somewhere around that time frame. And, obviously, now we’re already down to, like, 70 or so sats per v byte. So we’re we’re well under far, far under where we were. Right now, this says time chain calendar says a 139 stats per v byte. But Memchain well, a 105.

I thought it said 70. No. It did. It’s just changed. It’s the blocks. The next block is looking like it’s gonna be a higher priority. So I don’t know. We’re over a 100 sats per v byte at this point, just barely. But, again, that’s 16 times less than what it was. So I feel like this is gonna drop off over the next few days. It’s causing all kinds of issues with lightning channels, all this kind of stuff. One good thing about this, I will say this, it’s a great stress test. We fill everything up, and we see what shakes out, what works, what doesn’t. We know that, for example, liquid really didn’t change after the halving. It’s still very efficient, very quick, very cost effective to send across liquid. Liquid is not something I’ve talked about very much. It’s a layer 2 protocol just like lightning in that sense.

It is backed by, Blockstream. Adam Backs, his company. Now there’s a number of other companies that are involved, but I would call it semi custodial. It’s not ideal in the sense that I can’t run a liquid node and kind of manage my own thing like I could with lightning. However, it’s a very attractive system in terms of kind of how it operates and the speed that it operates at and the efficiency. Because we’re seeing levels on there, that are better really than than lightning right now. Something to think about. There’s an aqua wallet you might wanna check out. I think with aqua, if I remember correctly, you can actually kind of swap back and forth between lightning and the main net and liquid.

So kind of all 3 are wrapped up in that. I probably should look into that some more. To be perfectly honest, I don’t have it set up. Maybe I should. I don’t do enough priority transactions. The only thing I do is pay for my mining at this point on a monthly basis and then do kind of the one off kind of things where maybe I buy some honey or or whatever with with Bitcoin. Honey for my tea, which is I’m drinking, which I haven’t mentioned. It’s great stuff. Earl Gray, of course. So where do you see yourself in the next 4 years? Where do I see myself for the next 4 years? I’m not gonna lay out a whole bunch of goals and things here that I have all mine written down. So one thing, that I learned a long time ago that people like Kyrin over at Mere Mortals has sharpened my thinking about of recent listening to them is goals.

I have goals for this year. I have goals for this quarter. I have goals for this year. I have goals for next year, the year after, probably all the way through 2028, maybe even beyond. Things that I want to achieve. Maybe that’s get a job in a Bitcoin company. Maybe that’s become an independent miner. Maybe that’s I don’t know. Get a promotion at work. My goals are my goals. Your goals should be your goals. I hope you have them. But in regards to Bitcoin, I hope one goal that you have is when I come out of 2028, the next epoch, I’m going to have more Bitcoin than I have right now. I’m going to have a DCA in place where on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, I am saving in Bitcoin.

Maybe you’re beyond that. Maybe you’re completely committed to a Bitcoin standard. There are people out there who essentially have their paycheck dumped into Bitcoin. They pay everything out of that. I think that works great during an upswing. So from the bottom of the market up to the top, that works great. For some people, that might not work so well going down, but that is your choice. So maybe that’s a a goal for you this time. Maybe your goal is to join your local Bitcoin meetup. Maybe your goal is to learn lightning. Maybe your goal is to learn about liquid. Maybe your goal is to run your own node because we can always use more node runners. Maybe your goal is to transact on a weekly basis some kind of Bitcoin transaction. I think that’s an admirable goal that probably 99% of the people who have Bitcoin don’t do. And by the way, you can save Bitcoin and spend Bitcoin at the same time. I would recommend the strikeout for that.

Just saying. And I don’t get a penny from strike. I know I talk about them a fair amount. They just happen to do things really well, and they do it over virtually the entire world. They’re about to bring Europe online. And when they do, I think that would certainly be the majority of the countries in the world. I don’t know what your goals are, but please take the time during the next 4 year cycle, the next epoch. Right now as we started to take the time to write those down, consider this your Bitcoin New Year’s. 4 years from now, you will be 4 years older. Where will you be in terms of Bitcoin? Will you be smarter?

Will you have more Bitcoin? Will you be more connected? Do you need to go to a conference? I don’t know. Maybe you need to go to multiple conferences. I’m only planning on going to 1 this year, and to be honest, I’m still very much in the air about whether I’m gonna buy a ticket for it or not. I’ll save that for another show because we’re running over in our time. But, yeah, still thinking about that. But, hopefully, that gave you some food for thought. We’re going to go on now from here to our supporters. By the way, while I’m getting this set up, this week, I got in a little piece of hardware that I bought.

It’s a what’s called a KVM keyboard, something mouse video keyboard video mouse, switch. So it’s a KVM switch. And I have a little 2 unit model because I have my Linux server, my little b that I’ve, b link that I’ve talked about before. I love it. And my Mac. I’ve got a little Mac mini that I’ve been using for years. I’ve got a Mac Air, notebook that I also use, and I’m time to retire this one, this Mac mini. I think it’s a 2014, just to give you an idea, and replace it with my Mac Air for recording. But my problem is I needed to be able to sit down and have a mic and the Thunderbird Thunderbird Thunderbolt, interface. I use a Scarlett Focusrite is what it’s called. I love my Focusrite. They’ve actually got a newer version out now since I bought this, and I really want that. But this one’s working really well.

I really don’t have a reason to upgrade other than it’s better. It’s better quality. Anyways, so I got this KVM switch, and I got it and I got it set up this week, for the Mac mini and the Linux server. I can recable it and plug in my MacBook, but I really need to unload my Mac mini. Now that will enable me to run Reaper on my Macbook Air. Should run a little bit better, although I haven’t really had any troubles with it on my Mac Mini. Anyways, just one of those little things I got done. Very, very brief update on our our shed that I was been working on with my friend.

We are making good progress on that. We’re putting on what are called the purlins. You can look that up if you’d like, but they go above the trusses and then underneath the roofing. So once we get the purlins done in a couple of days, we’ll be putting on the roofing, and then we’ll be able to start enclosing it. At that point, it will be mostly dried in at that point. Once we get the sides on and put some house wrap up, it will be dried in. Then we can put in the doors and windows and put in the board and batten, and I will exit stage left because things after that are not my forte.

Excel is taking forever to upload. This is why I need my Mac Air. So slow. I’m really surprised that Reaper works as well as it does on this little laptop or not laptop, this Mac Mini. Okay. Here we go. Oh, I probably just blew your ears out. I’m sorry. I try not to do that. Alright. We did get some boost. I think we got a couple of messages this week as well. I always appreciate that. And some streaming. You guys are doing a great job of supporting the show. I really do appreciate that. Let’s see. Right. Our friend in Portugal, hypersensitive Asaris, sent us a 500 sap boost, thank you very much, on episode 165, last week’s episode about the havening.

Said, I realized you skipped a week. No need to apologize for for having found an activity that you’re actually enjoying. I basically, everything I do, I enjoy. To be honest, I do too much. But, yep, I appreciate that. That’s awesome. Sounds like a great use of your time and energy. Thank you, hypersensitive massage. That means a lot. You always have the best words. I I appreciate that. And, yeah, we’re like I said, we’re getting along on that. We’re we are definitely getting there. Alright. Looks like we’ve got a new boost from user 84693916 from, obviously, a fountain user. Also from episode 160 5, it was a 6969 boost, and he said, I like hearing about log cabin stuff.

To be honest, I didn’t know that was gonna such a hit. Maybe I should have started talking about it a lot sooner. I know it’s not bitcoin, but I can seriously relate to the fulfillment of working on something and having something tangible after and how my work doesn’t do that. With the mining, there’s a great Alex Gladstein, article, not Bitcoin Mining Waste Energy that talks about how many small countries and communities with excessive energy will be mining very soon. Guy Swan did a read of it on Bitcoin Audible. PS, yes. I’m a 14 year old boy with my boost amount. This is like the 3rd time I’ve read this, and I didn’t catch the whole thing. Now I understand. You’re not actually 14.

The first time I read this, I thought you were. I was a little concerned about that. I appreciate the boost, and that’s pretty funny. Yeah. I it I mean, I meant what I said. I like I said, I’ve been in IT for, forever. That’s all I’ve done as an actual career. And when we started building this log cabin over 10 years ago now, and then we moved on to these other projects, it it it really is something different for me. And it’s can be frustrating at times. The shed, frankly, has been a little frustrating. But, you know, it’s it’s different, and we really enjoy it. And we’re actually our family essentially is kinda talking about doing more of it on on a bigger basis.

So appreciate that. And I think I have heard that that Guy Swan article or well, it’s Alex Gladstein’s article. I love Alex Gladstein. If you have not read hidden repression, by the way, and you want a great introduction to Alex Gladstein, pick up that book. That’s why I talk about the IMF as much as I do, World Bank, that kind of thing. Anyways, appreciate that. Again, we also got, I’m not sure what this one is. 23.80 was the amount that came through. I apologize, captain egghead. I do not know what the total for that was. What came through was 23.80. And a great message, happy havening.

Thank you. I appreciate that. Happy havening to you, sir. I hope you enjoyed it. And we did have some streaming. So the total that we had for the week, which is actually the most we’ve had in a long time. Thank you very much. It was 11,620 that came in. I really do appreciate that. I’m very curious as to what Captain Egghead sent. 2380. Let me figure out. I think they do. Captain Egghead, you may have to boost in and give me a message telling me what it is. Oh, it probably was 2404. April April of 24, the halving date. Thank you, Captain Egghead. I’m glad I figured that out. Pretty sure that’s right. Cool. Awesome.

And it was 420 for those of you out there who are into that. It actually in UTC time happened on April 20th. So there we go. Great week of support. Again, total of 11,620. I do appreciate that. Alright. Let’s roll right on. News, I you know what? There really wasn’t. The news was what I talked about, the halving, the big mining blowout after that. Really wasn’t a whole lot that I could say even in terms of general economics, that kind of thing. Even with the things that are going on over in the Middle East right now with Israel, with Iran, with, Palestine, this kind of thing, we’re not really seeing that that reflected in the price of Bitcoin even though I think overall, the world markets are off. And I would argue that that is showing that Bitcoin is becoming a risk off asset, meaning it’s not as risky.

So I’ll give you an exact definition here. A risk off asset is an asset that has a lower risk of capital loss and offers lower returns such as cash bonds and other low risk securities. Gold is another asset that is often considered a safe haven investment during periods of market uncertainty. So there you go. That’s the financial people have finally people have finally woken up and said, hey. It doesn’t matter what happens. It doesn’t matter that the first day that they announced COVID, that Bitcoin dropped to, like, $1,000 or whatever it was. It was a great day to buy. I hope you did. Unfortunately, I did not on that day because it bounced back.

China, we’re gonna ban Bitcoin mining. I’m sure that cratered the price. It certainly cratered the hash rate of Bitcoin. You know what? Within 6 months, it was back to where it was. You know, really the halving, the start of the new epoch, epoch number 5 was the big news of the week, so I thought we’d just spend some time talking about that. Hey. If you clip an episode, what I mean is if you go to an app like Fountain and you clip 1, 2, or 3 minutes from an episode, that’s means it’s meaningful and you post that, I’ll boost you back. 500 sats for that. If it’s an older episode, it’s 300 sats. So if it’s like this episode or the last episode, I’ll go ahead and boost you 500. Otherwise, it’ll be 300. It’s a way for you to make some treasure just by listening to this podcast.

It’s a way for you to make some sats directly from me, and you are absolutely welcome to do that. We are a podcasting 2 point o podcast. We promote what’s called value for value. What I mean by that is Macintosh is not gonna go out and get a bunch of advertising and do everything I can to run up my downloads, to make a little more money. The money’s not that great, really, unless you’re a very large podcast, which we are not. And the reality is when you do that kind of thing, it distorts your worldview, whether you realize it or not.

I’ll give you a very simple example. Years ago, I bought Ledger hardware wallets, just for lack of a better word to call them. I would never, at this point, have Ledger as a sponsor of this show. Because since that time, I found out all kinds of things about Ledger. They’ve had data leaks. They’ve well, for one thing, you if you load up the Ledger stuff, it’s not just a Bitcoin wallet. It promotes every casino coin, as I call them, that they can cram into there. And that’s not safe for you as a Bitcoiner. You are opening up in a bigger attack surface, a much harder to keep that device safe. I would never recommend that. And so I don’t wanna be taking money from any company that could potentially have a problem and harm my listeners. And that would be Ledger. That would be cold card even though they’re a Bitcoin only company.

Any of these companies I won’t even though I talk about seed signer all the time and seed signer doesn’t have the budget and they probably never do this, but I would never even have them as a sponsor. Because if something does happen or if I feel like things have changed at seed signer, I want to be free to talk about that. So that’s why I do value for value. But what I do is I come to you and I say, listener, if you like what you hear, if you’re willing to, provide value back for the value that you’re receiving, I would appreciate that. How can you do that? You could do that through a Podcasting 2.0 app. Go grab Fountain. Go grab Podcast Guru.

Go grab Castomatic. Go grab one of these, podcasting 2.0 apps. Some of them have podcast or lightning wallets integrated. Some of them, you have to hook up your own lightning wallet. Put some stats in there. Stream your support like listeners like, Kyrin over at Mere Mortals did this week. And boost, send a message just like Captain Egghead. Happy halving. Thank you, Captain, again. Tell me something. Give me feedback. Tell me what you think. I appreciate all of that feedback. It’s awesome to hear from my listeners. It’s a great feedback loop.

I think it brings you more into the show, to be honest. So, anyways, that’s kind of the pitch, so to speak. It’s also a great way to get a hold of me. My email, I don’t check very regularly. It’s mcintosh@satoshis-plebs.com. That’s also our website, satoshis-plebs. I’m on the podcast 2.0 Mastodon instance. I think, ultimately, I’ll move to my own instance as we continue to integrate activity pub into podcasting 2.0. That’s some very interesting stuff they’re talking about over there right now. Anyways, I’m also on Twitter at McIntoshFintech. That’s a good way to reach out to me if you can. So that’s it. Thanks for being here. I hope this has been helpful. And, of course, like I said, I sure would love to hear from you. I just gave out all those ways.

But, you guys, I appreciate it. Stay humble, friends. Go out. Make it a great week. I’ll talk to you all soon, and let’s kick this epoch off with a great start.

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