bitcoin Mining 202

Episode 106

What REALLY happens in the bitcoin mining process? How does a miner find a bitcoin block? What IS a hash? The bitcoin miners provide security for the blockchain and understanding how they work is a fundamental part of the understanding Bitcoin. So let’s dig in ….


News and Links

Treasury to Institute Bond Buyback Program
White House Proposes 30% Tax on Electricity for Bitcoin Mining
BRICS Expanding
Braiins Pool Mining Insights
Human Rights Foundation
Oslo Freedom Forum
Hidden Repression
Bhutan Setting Up 500 Million Dollar Bitcoin Mining Fund
Dutch Farmers Being Bought Out
Argenina Central Bank Bans Fintech

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Hey, sat stackers. It’s January the 30th. This is episode 93 of Generational Wealth of Cryptocurrency. I’m your host, McIntosh. Today’s episode is about the bitcoin halving.

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