┬áSecessio plebis – Stop Using Their Systems

Episode 100

What is Secessio Plebis and how does it relate to bitcoin? What can we learn from the Roman Plebeians? The banking crisis and economic breakdown of the worlds major economic powerhouses seems to be coming to a climax. What can YOU DO abut it? Maybe it’s time to begin your personal Secessio Plebis.

More bank news this week including major news breaking after the recording of this podcast. This could be the beginning of the Fed’s pivot from Quantitative Tightening to Quantitative Easing. With our current cocktail of high interest rates and high inflation this may prove disastrous tipping us firmly into recession if not worse.


Hey, sat stackers. It’s January the 30th. This is episode 93 of Generational Wealth of Cryptocurrency. I’m your host, McIntosh. Today’s episode is about the bitcoin halving.

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