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Episode 098

This week was a special episode with Kyrin Down of Mere Mortals. He and Juan have been working hard at the Mere Mortals Podcast providing great value for their listeners. We talked about how V4V works, traditional Internet advertising and how the Value 4 Value system can provide a better experience for the listener.



News and Links

Mere Mortals Podcast
Why Nostr Matters
Xapo Bank becomes first private bank to integrate Lightning
UK’s Largest Bank Bans Crypto Purchases with Credit Cards
Naira Crisis Fueling BTC adoption in Nigeria
Bank of England Advances Digital Pound – “safe for wealth”

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Hey, sat stackers. It’s January the 30th. This is episode 93 of Generational Wealth of Cryptocurrency. I’m your host, McIntosh. Today’s episode is about the bitcoin halving.

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