The Evil Empire

Episode 094

“It’s not that I like the Empire. I hate it, but there is nothing I can do about it right now”. When Luke tells Obi-wan Kenobi these words during the early part of the Star Wars movie the sense of hopelessness is almost palpable. But it turns out of course that Luke CAN make a difference. In a very short period of time he is thrown into the war against a tyrannical government controlling the galaxy. He made a difference

Maybe you feel like Luke did because you have no control. Governments around the world are printing money like it means nothing. Inflation is climbing. There are multiple countries on the edge of hyperinflation events. By virtually every metric the average person is losing the financial battle. But Bitcoin brings hope and the possibility of future based on sound money. A way to combat the Evil Empire while not having to lift a blaster.ajor effect on the long term price of bitcoin.



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Hey, sat stackers. It’s January the 30th. This is episode 93 of Generational Wealth of Cryptocurrency. I’m your host, McIntosh. Today’s episode is about the bitcoin halving.

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