The Bitcoin halving

Episode 093

The bitcoin halvings have a major effect on the long term price of bitcoin. Understanding what the halvings actually are and when they will occur will happen can help with planning and even predicting the future price of bitcoin.


News and Links

Wholesale Price Inflation Slows as Recession Worsens
Japan CPI up to 4.3% Year Over Year
US Senator introduces bill to have ALL restaurants and vending machines in Congress buildings accept Bitcoin
New York to establish Bitcoin as a “means of payment” for state agencies
POS Giant Clover Teams Up with Strike to provide Lightning Payments
Mississippi, Missouri Lawmakers Introduce Bills to Protect Rights to Mine Bitcoin and Running a Node
Bitcoin Mining and Clean Energy

January 29 2023 Weekly Close (USD)

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Hey, sat stackers. It’s January the 30th. This is episode 93 of Generational Wealth of Cryptocurrency. I’m your host, McIntosh. Today’s episode is about the bitcoin halving.

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