IS IT but the deep breath before the plunge?

Episode 075

For years I have held the thesis that there would be some point in time when the game of fiat currencies backed by “faith and trust” in government would fall like a badly built house of cards. With the kickoff the of global pandemic and subsequent governmental reactions (including accelerating national debt levels) I reasoned that the time of reckoning was drawing nearer. With the beginnings of the rise of various inflation rates I started saying on the podcast that basically 2023 should be the worse part of the recession. That still may prove to be true but I am very strongly starting to believe it will be in the next few months (say three to six months) instead of the second half of 2023. This weeks news is packed full of backing for those views. Inflation is beginning to spike sharply in a number of countries. As an example, the Netherlands are reporting 17.1% inflation for September. A number of institutions are experience severe credit issues. Energy production is down. Energy prices in Europe are spiraling upward. The war in the Ukraine is continuing to drag on. Banks and various other companies are beginning to say they don’t have liquidity (ie .. cash) to continue. Apparently without a governmental intervention (ie .. injection of cash via creation of more debt) the majority of the pensions in Britain would have been insolvent last week.

So let’s dive into the news and remember why we stack sats!!!!!!!

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